Happy lantern festival

Stefan "hr" Berder // // deepinside
grumpy heart

元宵节快乐!! Yes, it’s lantern festival today. It is the official end of the lunar new year. It also happens to be Valentine’s day, the official day for lovers. As if love needed a dedicated day to be remembered, maybe to raise awareness that love exists? I don’t see any “sadness day” or “happiness day” that would mandate me to be sad or happy.

I received several “Happy Valentine’s day” messages today, I’m not sure what it should mean for me. What kind of happiness should a lover’s day bring to a single man? Should I be happier than I was yesterday or will be tomorrow? I’m not sour about it, I simply never understood why one should show their interest to the woman in their life on a given, arbitrarily chosen, day. It may be the romantic gentleman in me, but I believe that showing you’re caring about someone should be spontaneous.

Valentine’s day is also the occasion for all sorts of “deals” in restaurants, shops and entertainment places. This is most of the time a good occasion to let you cough up an extra buck to impress your significant other. As if this was defining the value of your relation or your feelings. I thought love is invaluable, yet it can have a price tag apparently.

I think special days in the calendar should be used as commemoration. And what is there to remember about love? You ought to love & live it everyday. The only memory I could have is of lost loves, they are plenty in my life and there’s nothing happy about it.